Still from the “Meal Planning” video | Source: Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop is known for helping families of all shapes and sizes with the issues they face. Now, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street is partnering with Amazon Web Services to support military families through a variety of new digital resources. 

Military families face many unique challenges such as frequently changing homes after deployment, transitioning into homecoming, and the possibility of needing long-term medical care. Sesame Workshop has developed five new videos to help parents who are in the military and their kids with these difficult transitions. 

These videos support the development of families’ physical and emotional well-being. In the “Meal Planning” video, Elmo and Rosita find excitement in fueling their body as they brainstorm fun, imaginative meals for the week. The “Daily Movement” video shows that exercise can be enjoyable as Elmo and his dad have dance parties and compete against each other by tracking their movement during the week. 

In “What Went Well,” Rosita’s dad, Ricardo, takes the time to reflect on three simple things that went well for him during the day. The “Keep it Simple” video teaches kids the importance of being flexible when unexpected events happen. Elmo learns not to stress when plans change after his mother Mae impulsively decides to order pizza instead of cooking dinner. In “Still and Quiet,” Elmo and Louie sit and listen to the amazing sounds of the world around them. Focusing on stillness and quiet is just as important as exercise. 

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All of these videos teach viewers about important skills for the body and mind that kids from military families, as well as all families, should build for themselves. These resources show that self-care is especially important for military families because so much is out of their control and they often have to provide extra care for others. 

Sesame Workshop offers even more free resources, available in both English and Spanish, for military families on its website.

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