Both free play and guided play options help early learners navigate their feelings. | Source: Sesame Workshop/The Toy Insider

Kids have a lot of feelings, as we all do, but sometimes they have trouble navigating social-emotional learning (SEL). Sesame Workshop — the nonprofit behind Sesame Street — is partnering with HOMER Learning to help kids embrace SEL feelings and topics as they settle into their new school year routines.

The Learn with Sesame features kids’ favorite Sesame Street characters through interactive games, stories, videos, and songs that help kids ages 2-5 navigate everyday challenges and emotions. Users will learn about numbers, colors, shapes, feelings, and more, through BEGiN’s four-step learning framework, “The BEGiN Method,” which builds confidence, promotes problem-solving, and fosters a lifelong love of learning.  

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The app features nearly two dozen learning experiences that kids can use to practice new social-emotional skills and apply them to new situations. Kids can explore different parts of the in-app neighborhood, each with a common curricular goal, including the playground (kindness and empathy), Hooper’s store (exploration of new foods), the community center (conflict resolution), and more. Not only will kids learn how to navigate emotions, but they will also practice early reading, math, and critical thinking skills.  

Parents can sign up for the Learn & Grow + Learn with Sesame Street App Bundle for $4.99 per month. The app also offers a complimentary option in which a user can download and play limited content for free.  Click here to learn more about the Learn with Sesame app.

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