Lightning McQueen and the rest of the Cars 3 gang are about to take on a smashing new track.

Mattel’s Cars 3 Crazy 8 Crashers Smash and Crash Derby Playset comes just in time for the release of Disney•Pixar’s Cars 3 and gives fans a chance to bring the rough and tough derby action straight to the playroom.

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the play set comes with two vehicles to start the collection: a 1:55 to scale Lightning McQueen as Chester Whipplefilter and Miss Fritter. However, more cars can be purchased separately for the full racing experience, such as Crazy 8 Crashers APB, Taco, and Cruz Ramirez. The play set comes directly from the Crazy 8 derby race shown in Cars 3, and the model is based off the track so kids can recreate the exciting scene from the film.

But getting around the track might not be so easy. The set features two stacks of tires and two garbage bins, which kids can set up as obstacles or potential targets, sparking some exciting smashing action.

The play set also comes with a Thunder Hollow Speedway sign, which doubles as a ramp when knocked over, and a gate that holds Miss Fritter in place. Both of these accessories are potential escape routes for Lightning McQueen.

The instructions feature two gameplay options kids can enjoy, such as Gate Escape, in which kids can crash Lightning into Miss Fritter to knock her of the way. Or, in Ramp Escape, kids can run McQueen into the surrounding barriers until the Thunder Hollow Speedway sign falls down. Once the sign tips over, cars can launch into and over the ramp to break free from the course.

The pieces of the gate are all attachable in the same way, so kids can design the enclosure different ways every time they play. With the option to add more accessories and morph the wrap-around gate to their liking, kids can use their imaginations and come up with other challenges for the cars. Or, if it’s just that kind of day, they can keep crashing them into each other.

The car rolls on one rotatable wheel that can be revved in any direction. The rotating wheel helps spin the car erratically around the course for some unpredictable and exciting crashes.

Kids shouldn’t hold back when they rev up the car, though. It can be difficult at first to get it to crash into the wall with enough force for anything to happen, so don’t be afraid to give it an extra push.

While kids’ options are limited for play with only two vehicles to start, the addition of other cars in the course brings a nonstop, fast-paced derby setting.

Thanks to the play set’s customizable course and fast-paced games, kids don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Cars to enjoy the toy. These cars are meant to crash into each other and drive into walls, so with the Crazy 8 Crashers Smash and Crash Derby Playset, it’s OK to play a little rough.

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