Sphere Blueprint has everything preteens need to learn the basics of mechanical engineering! | Source: Sphero/The Toy Insider

The idea of engineering can be intimidating — especially for kids. Engineering is the driving force behind cars, airplanes, and so much of the technology we take for granted today, but to young minds, these marvels are basically magic. 

Sphero is helping kids ease into learning about engineering and STEM with Blueprint, a building kit that focuses on concepts and prototypes. Designed for preteens in middle school and high school, Sphero Blueprint kits feature more than 300 pieces that kids can put together to create structures, mechanisms, and more. 

The kit comes with challenges and curriculum, so kids can take on building on their own or learn about it in an educational setting. For example, kids can learn how to build bridges, skyscrapers, fishing poles, and more. When they understand how things work, it can inspire them to create things of their own! Two or three kids can use a kit together, but Sphero also sells classroom packs that can teach up to 15 students at once. 

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The Sphero Blueprint is currently available for preorder and is expected to ship this summer. With a head start on engineering, preteens and teens will be ready to take on the world around them!

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