Tynker’s AI course includes pose and hand tracking where the computer camera follows the kid’s movements. | Source: Tynker

Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded in popularity in the past few months and now kids can get in on the action.

Tynker from BYJU’s announced the first-ever AI coding courses for kids as young as 7. Kids can learn how to code computers to identify objects and use the computer’s camera to integrate AI into live video. In the last stage of the course, kids can write a chatbot that can interact with them, create stories, and more.

Tynker’s coding gets more complicated as kids get more experience. | Source: Tynker

Tynker uses block coding to make projects simpler for kids. As kids get more experienced in code, Tynker transitions kids from block coding to text-based coding like Python that they can apply to real-world coding projects. 

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The AI courses are a part of Tynker’s subscription service and include two free coaching sessions to teach kids the most important AI concepts so kids can integrate AI into any of their projects. Some of the topics covered in the course include augmented reality, face tracking, pose tracking, hand tracking, and natural language processing. Tynker’s subscriptions start at $75 per quarter, $144 annually, or a one-time payment of $450. Adults can go to tynker.com/parents to get kids a subscription.

STEM projects like AI are one of the biggest growing fields in the U.S. While kids are a ways off from career planning, introducing them to these concepts early helps plan for a bright future!

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