Russell Wilson with Aerobie Sonic Fin Football | Source: Spin Master

If kids have ever dreamed of launching a football like Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, wake them up because it’s not a dream anymore!

The NFL star teamed up with Spin Master to help release the new Aerobie Sonic Fin Football, designed for kids ages 8 and up. A hollow, gyroscopic design helps the football lift and travel faster and further through the air, up to 100 yards away. The fins are adjustable and the football comes equipped with a calibration ring to suit both right- and left-handed throwers. Once thrown, it emits a whistling sound.

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Wilson appears in the Sonic Fin advertisement, in which he goes head-to-head with 13-year-old football star Maxwell “Bunchie” Young. Wilson is also featured on the product packaging complete with an autograph.

The Aerobie Sonic Fin Football is currently available for presale at Target, Walmart, and Amazon in limited quantities and is scheduled for a full release on Aug. 22. For more information about the Sonic Fin, click here.

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