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Summer is synonymous with relaxation. Most of us lost the opportunity to do that last season in the wake of the pandemic, so it’s now more important than ever to shake off the indoor blues and use these few months to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge.

As you head off on this triple-R mission to a pool, beach, or lake, bring along a Swimways Spring Float Recliner! This portable, lounge-style float features soft, cooling mesh; a comfortable backrest; and an integrated cup holder to keep teens and adults sailing along in style.

The recliner comes compactly packed in a circular, mesh bag with a handle strap. When taken out of the bag, the recliner opens up to full size and users can re-collapse it into its circular shape thanks to its flexible, inner spring. All you have to do is fold the float in half and bring one side under the other until it naturally collapses into three small circles.

Attached at the top and end of the float are two orange, hyper-flate air valves with rubber prongs. And here’s where the magic comes in: You don’t need to use an air pump or even blow directly into the valve to inflate the float because the valve traps air into it with every breath. I blew air into the valve from about an inch away and inflated my float in less than eight minutes! No more biting down on a plastic valve, being totally out of breath, desperately trying to hold everything open but not let the air out, etc. It’s so easy and takes all of the fuss out of pool float inflation. To deflate the float, you stick the prongs inside the valve and push down to make the air escape faster.

Source: Swimways

The Swimways Spring Float Recliner measures 56 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 16 inches high when fully inflated and supports up to 250 pounds of weight. It features a soft, cooling mesh that keeps your body floating above the water’s surface, a backrest to stay upright, and an ottoman to dip your feet in the water. The integrated cup holder can hold a small beverage or cup securely while floating, and the inner spring around the outside edge of the lounger helps keep the recliner stable on the water.

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The float doesn’t tip over easily and catches ripples in the water so smoothly that it’s hard to tell when it moves! It contoured my body really well, albeit it was difficult for my feet to fit comfortably over the ottoman — I’m 5 feet, 4 inches tall, for reference — so my legs dangle just over the recliner. Designed for teens ages 15 and up, this float is definitely made for the older crowd, and kids might find it difficult to fit comfortably and sink right into the recliner’s mesh. The backrest makes it easy to prop yourself up with a book or tablet (though they run the risk of getting wet), and it feels much like sitting in a regular recliner.

My favorite aspect of the Swimways Spring Float Recliner was undoubtedly the hyper-flate air valve. I’ve spent summers upon summers as a kid huffing and puffing air into giant floaties, desperately trying to cover up the valve while I catch my breath — sometimes, I just totally gave up and settled with half-inflated pool toys. This recliner’s hyper-flate valve makes it so much easier and faster to inflate and deflate the float, all without the light-headed hassle.

This lounge-style float will sure make your summer go swimmingly!

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