Spin Master’s Future of Play STEAM-inspired initiative lets kids explore the world of toy making! | Source: Spin Master

It’s full steam ahead for Spin Master’s newest initiative! 

The company announced a new STEAM-inspired initiative that aims to give kids and their families hands-on learning activities that mimic the art and science of toy-making. The Future of Play initiative features DIY activities that show kids how toys are made, going behind the scenes with simple STEAM experiences designed to inspire the next generation of play. 

By logging onto the Spin Master website, little experimenters can choose from nine different DIY STEAM activities in two categories: manufacturing and science. Each activity is inspired by a popular Spin Master toy and provides step-by-step instructions that utilize household items to explain the key manufacturing or scientific properties of each toy.  

Kids can choose from nine different DIY activities to learn about toy making! | Source: Spin Master

In the manufacturing category, future toy engineers can learn more about soft good manufacturing (GUND plush), injection molding (action figures), pad printing (Hatchimals CollEGGtibles), packaging (all toys), and gears (Cool Maker Go Glam Nail Salon). In the science category, kids can learn about non-newtonian fluid (Kinetic Sand), density (SwimWays Torpedo Bandits), air resistance (Aerobie Sonic Fin Football), and stability (Meccano). 

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All these activities are available now for free at future-of-play.spinmaster.com. Better watch out: With these activities, it won’t be long before these kids take over the toy-making world! 

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