Squaregles celebrates diverse play styles with its magnetic connecting frames! | Source: Squaregles

Think outside the box with Squaregles!

Squaregles is a new, magnetic building toy from a Chicago-based start-up. It features magnetically connectable frames coupled with a variety of 3D panels that kids can pop in and out of the frames to build structures.

The fun of Squaregles doesn’t end there! Within the Squaregles universe live the Oggs, characters that have their own unique personalities and embody the spirit of play. Oggs represent the diversity of play styles and they even have their own collectible character and comic cards.

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Squaregles aims to create an easy-to-maintain toy that engages kids for hours at a time and empowers them to participate in both open-ended and structured play. Little builders will have a blast creating structures, systems, and stories with Oggs and their Squaregles.

The Squaregles e-commerce site, squaregles.com, will launch on Friday, Nov. 19, to those on the waitlist via a special password. The site will open to everyone on Sunday, Nov. 21. Time to get building!

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