The plushy, cushy, squishy squad is expanding again with even more Squishmallows to snuggle.

Kellytoy’s Squishmallows are the plush toys that are as adorable as they are huggable and soft to the touch. Squishmallows are made of soft spandex and puffy polyester, but they might as well be stuffed full of pillowy clouds with their foam-filled feel and marshmallow-like texture. They’re light and soft, but still retain their individual shapes, each one resembling a different cute character such as a bear, a bird, or a St. Bernard.

With the latest line added to the #SquishmallowSquad, more than 50 new animals, fruits, and creatures of all shapes and sizes are getting in on the squishy action. The perfect pillow pal or cushy travel companion might be a peacock, a purple octopus, or a spotted pig, just three of the new animals in the latest series that can appeal to the interests of all types of kids.

Other creatures in the newest line span the globe (and realms), from farm and zoo animals to dinosaurs, fantastical dragons, and clever caticorns — but don’t worry about any poking parts: every tail, ear, or horn is made of safe and squishy plush material, too.

Each Squishmallow has a sweet and friendly face, plus its own bio and personality, which shines through its bright colors and simple, playful design. This gives every Squishmallow the potential to be not only a soft plush, but also a friend and charming character in the family.

The fruit collection brings oranges, strawberries, apples, and more sweet treats to the collection. They’re sweet as can be, but there’s no edible fruits or marshmallows here, only more huggably soft squishiness. There’s nothing more adorable than a crew of fruity Squishmallows with a 3.5-inch baby avocado squishy beside them.

Squishmallows are low-maintenance, safe toys for any household. They’re easy for little hands to hold and hug, and at their biggest will only take up as much space as a pillow. Caring for Squishmallows is simple, too. They’re machine washable in cold water and safe for the dryer on low heat if they ever need a refresher.

Squishmallows are versatile, as well. They can be a kid’s bedtime buddy, carpool compadre, or the living room throw pillow — there’s no age limit to enjoying the soft cushioning of a large Squishmallow. Depending on the character and style, Squishmallows range from 3.5 inches to 24 inches and prices from $2.99 to $39.99.

With a growing number of Squishmallows to choose from, they may slowly fill up your whole home — or at least your couch, your back seat, or your bed. It’s happened to us!

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Ben Goren

Ben Goren

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