Stack, balance, spin, sort, splash, listen, find, climb, throw, create: These are just a few of the many, many things you can do with Stapelstein. 

A brand new company out of Germany, Stapelstein sets feature original, half-circle style “elements” made of eco-friendly expanded polypropylene. Stapelstein translates to “stacking stone,” which is the simplest way to describe this product. At first, quick glance, they look like oversized pieces of styrofoam, but I can’t even express how wrong that first impression is. 

Stapelstein is a disruptor. These open-ended sets inspire movement, creativity, and free play for kids. The elements are tools that are thoughtfully designed. They allow kids to apply so many different uses to them, that caregivers will have just as much fun — if not more — watching all the creative things kids will come up with.  

Stapelstein elements can flip over to act as little sorting bowls for kids. | Source: Stapelstein

Stapelstein sets are safe for kids ages 1 and up. They have no hard edges or sharp corners, and they are water, saliva, and UV resistant. And while babies will absolutely love playing with the elements, older kids will, too. Each element can hold up to 396 pounds. Kids (and adults!) of all ages and sizes can use the elements as stepping stones, stack them up, and more. They are durable and high quality, and (best of all) kids can play with them for hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks, and there is little to no wear-and-tear — they look like new after six months with my toddler, that is really saying something. 

Stapelstein elements are waterproof and buoyant, so kids can bring them to the beach, bay, or pool! | Source: Stapelstein

Kids can play with the elements inside or outside, they can enjoy them in the pool or at the beach, they can even draw on them with chalk and then wipe them clean again. Stapelstein elements are uniquely shaped and super lightweight. Every single one is a different color, and kids get to set the rules regarding how they use them. Is it a hat? Yes. Is it a boat? Sure is. Is it a stepping stool? Yup! A drum? You bet! A sorting container? That’s right, it is! And if your kiddos ever somehow run out of ideas, Stapelstein has a full lineup of play ideas ready and waiting for you on its website. 

Another reason to invest in these elements is that Stapelstein is an environmentally friendly, socially responsible company. They protect the privacy of children by not showing faces in all of their marketing materials, the elements are produced in a climate-neutral process, and their entire organization is dedicated to healthy, movement-based play. Caregivers and gifters will feel great knowing they are contributing to a better tomorrow for kids everywhere by getting behind a new-to-the-U.S. brand with such a positive mission. 

Stapelstein can help kids learn to balance. | Source: Stapelstein

The Original Rainbow set includes six elements and comes in two different color palettes: classic and pastel. At $189, Stapelstein is a substantial, yet worthy, investment. The elements are built to last for years, multiple kids can play together, and the open-ended play pattern is highly beneficial for kids of all ages. 


Kids can experience various kinds of activity and creativity with the Stapelstein Rainbow Set. The colorful elements can transform any room into an adventure playground, an obstacle course, or a fantasy environment.

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  • $219
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  • 1+

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