DIY activities provide ample opportunity for kids to make something that’s uniquely theirs. The Style Your Own Headband series from Purple Ladybug is no exception. 

These activity kits promote kids’ self expression in a world of creativity and enjoyment. There are four options for kids ages 6 and up to choose from in this series: Girly, Mermaid, Flower, and Unicorn. Each box comes with six headbands, three strips of decorative fabric, more than 20 charms (more or less depending on the version), and a tube of glue. Since they have enough materials to make six headbands, each set would be a great addition to a birthday party, playdate, or sleepover.

I got the Style Your Own Flower Headband version, which came with 38 charms in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. For example, some of my favorite charms included a fabric pink butterfly and a rubber yellow sunflower. 

It’s best to start this DIY activity with a clean, flat workspace, which makes any potential mess easier to clean up. I found that it’s wise to take a minute to plan how you’re going to design your headbands before starting to glue the pieces on. There aren’t enough charms to cover every inch of every headband and there also aren’t many repeat charms. This means that if you’re doing the activity with a group of kids, they will have to take turns picking charms. This encourages the value of sharing and compromise.

There are a couple of ways to design the headbands. Kids can glue the charms directly onto the headband, using the headband’s natural colors as a background or they can glue the decorative strips onto the headband first and then layer the charms onto the decorative strip. Kids will only be able to do this for three of the bands since there are only three decorative strips included. However, this is not a problem because three headbands come in white, while the other three are colored. My box included turquoise, lavender, and hot pink headbands.

Kids will need to let the headbands sit for at least one hour before using them so that the glue can dry. The longer you can wait is better. Some of the charms are pretty weighty, so I was concerned that they might fall off the headband. However, the provided glue proved to be remarkably effective. I let them sit overnight and by the next morning they had dried enough so that none of the charms fell off, even with some gentle shaking.

Purple Ladybug’s Style Your Own Headband series is perfect for any kid looking to try their hand at designing their own accessories!


Kids can make personalized headbands with everything that comes in this kit, including decorative fabric and charms, headbands, glue, and step-by-step instructions. They can choose from four themes: Flower, Mermaid, Unicorn, or Mixed Girly Fun, sold separately.

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