New Fidgie Friends dolls | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment/the Toy Insider

Meet the Fidgie Friends, dolls who bring fidget fun to fashion with the coolest outfits! 

Fidgie Friends — the newest dolls from Sunny Days Entertainment — bring the world of fashion to fidgets. The Fidgie Friends combine traditional doll play with the calming effect of fidget toys in a line of four fashion dolls, each with three fidget features that are incorporated into their fashions.

Dandelion Wishes Fidgie Friend doll | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment

Each 10.5-inch doll has its own personality and specific fidget features, recommended for kids ages 6 and up. There’s Watermellow, who has a flip sequin tail, Dandelion Wishes with a stress ball skirt and popper wings, Boba Bubbles with a glitter gel tail, and Unicorn Sprinkles wearing a slow-foam skirt. In addition to these specific fidget features, the dolls also come with a share wear hair clip and combine trendy, pop culture-inspired styles like mermaids, flowers, boba tea, and sweets. 

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Launching in tandem with the doll line, the Fidgie Friends are also coming out with their own theme song! Debuting on YouTube in August, little fidget fans can look forward to hearing the “Touch Your Heart” song.

Series 1 of the Fidgie Friends will be available online in August, exclusively at Walmart for $19.97 each. Kids can also look forward to even more new dolls with a second series launching next year.

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