Mario and his friends have already made their way to the big screen, and now they are coming to a tabletop near you with the Super Mario Pop-Up Game by TOMY. The game features three different ways to play and is designed for up to six players ages 4 and up. The game includes a pop-up game structure, a twistable Mario figure, and several color-coded paddles complete with stickers featuring Mushroom Kingdom’s finest friends and foes. 

In classic play mode, players can simply place the Mario figure in his pipe, twist to lock him into place, and begin the game. Each player takes turns sliding the paddles into the pipe and when the correct slot is selected, Mario will bounce out of his pipe and that player will win the game

Mario bursts from his pipe when kids insert a paddle into the correct slot, which changes everty time they play! | Source: TOMY

Kids can also play in Coin Collection mode for a longer game. In this version, the paddles are mixed up and placed coin side down, each player must pick a paddle at the start of their turn. The player that causes Mario to pop out must count the number of coins on that paddle and add it to their overall score. Of course, each paddle has a different number of coins, and the player with the highest score wins the game.

The final version kids can play Super Mario Pop-Up Game in is Team Player mode. This mode is perfect for large groups or birthday parties. First, kids divide into two teams: Team Luigi or Team Bowser. Then, they can choose to play Coin Collection mode or Classic mode. 

Super Mario Pop-Up is a fun, easy-to-understand game for all ages. Kids will enjoy the surprise element of Mario bursting from his pipe and parents will love the play value that all the various play modes provide!


In this Super Mario Bros.-inspired game, players take turns sliding paddles into Mario’s pipe. When a player picks the correct slot to insert their paddle, Mario will bounce out of the pipe and that player wins the game.

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  • $15.99
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  • 4+

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