Elmo’s got a secret: He’s ticklish—very ticklish. Tickle his furry belly and watch him giggle out of control. Oh yes, Tickle Me Elmo is back, and more modern and giggly than ever!

Tickle Me Elmo, by Hasbro, will get kids LOLing along with Elmo. This scaled down model (a bit smaller than the original) of Elmo is so soft to hold and cuddle, but once you flick the “on” switch, Elmo comes alive and he just can’t stop laughing; “HA! HA! HEE! HEE! Elmo is one ticklish monster,” he’ll say.

Squeeze his feet or his tummy and he’ll laugh or tell you about how he is just so ticklish. Elmo will say things such as  “Elmo loves to laugh,” and “Keep tickling Elmo” to get kids hyped for the laughfest. Get Elmo on a laughing roll and he’ll even start to move and shake, a new feature not previously seen in past Tickle Me Elmo models.  

He’s a great companion. But beware, he’s not the best at playing “the quiet game.” Elmo can’t control his giggles or his laugh-induced body movements. Make sure he’s only taken out in noise-friendly environments, or is shut off using the switch on his back. (Don’t bring Tickle Me Elmo to a wedding—he’ll steal all the thunder!)

Elmo is soft, furry, and absolutely lovable. Feeling a bit down? Just give him a squeeze and he’s sure to turn a frown upside down.

Can’t get enough of this perky red critter?  We know, he’s just so darn cute! Here’s how you can play Hide & Seek with him.

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Kelly Corbett

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