Babies love to copy the moves of the grown-ups they love, even during their workouts! Parents can encourage their kids to stay active both physically and mentally with TOMY’s Bebé Fuerte Stack and Count Kettlebell. 

The Bebé Fuerte Stack and Count Kettlebell is a self-storage stacking toy that encourages babies ages 6 months and up to strengthen their skills. This activity toy features three rings, a rattle handle, and a base that all come together to create the kettlebell shape. Parents need to disassemble the toy to remove it from the packaging. 

Playtime begins by twisting the handle counterclockwise to remove the top. This hard plastic handle contains orange and blue beads that make a rattling sound when moved, which makes it a great sensory toy for kids. 

Parents will love the learning opportunities that come with the kettlebell, too. Kids can develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities by stacking and counting the soft plastic rings, which are designed for young hands to grasp. Parents can also introduce their kids to new language skills with the rings, which each have a number (1, 3, or 3) and its Spanish translation engraved on the side. 

Families can entertain their kids’ curiosity while staying active by using the kettlebell during workout sessions. Babies understand the world around them by mimicking the actions they see on a daily basis. Parents can encourage their curiosity by having them copy their workout routines with the baby-friendly kettlebell! 

The stack-and-count activity toy is also made for on-the-go fun. The lightweight rings are stored between the base and the handle, making it an easy clean-up process and an easy toy to grab and take wherever you go. Parents should ensure that the kettlebell and its rings are secure first by twisting the handle clockwise.

Kids can engage in screen-free learning and strengthen important developmental skills by staying active with the Bebé Fuerte Stack and Count Kettlebell.


This kettlebell-style stacker is part of a language-inclusive TOMY collection. Babies and toddlers can learn to count or stack or pretend to workout with this kettlebell-inspired toy.

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  • $14.84
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  • 6 MOS+

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