Griot is the narrator for the Worldwide Tales: West African Tales. | Source: Tonies/The Toy Insider

Traditional folk tales are a way for different cultures to share legends and imagination. Tonies is bringing some traditional West African folk tales to kids with a new figure that tells five stories through a narrator named Griot.

Tonies Character Figures feature handpainted details and a magnetic base that kids can place on top of the Toniebox (sold separately) to activate audio stories. The Toniebox is a soft, 5-by-5-inch speaker cube that is designed for screen-free storytelling that users can listen to out loud or with headphones. Kids can tap the speaker cube to pause or play the story or skip to the next chapter.

Toniebox | Source: Tonies

The Worldwide Tales: West African Tales Tonie Figure features a run time of 74 minutes divided into stories of “Anasi and Thunder,” “How The Tortoise Got Its Shell,” “The Leopard and the Ram,” “Why We See Ants Carrying Bundles as Big as Themselves,” and “King Chameleon and the Animals.” Listeners will hear lessons from the point of view of different animals, including the tortoise, the leopard, the ram, the chameleon, and the ants as they learn about right and wrong, greed, and what it means to make and keep a promise.

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The stories feature original content based on folk tales from West Africa, making stories from another continent more relatable for kids. This Tonie Figure is available here for $17.99.

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