Tonka truck? We thought you said Tonka Chuck!

The interactive Tonka Chuck, My Talking Truck toy from Basic Fun! is a whole new take on the long-running, beloved Tonka brand. Tonka Chuck and Friends launched this summer as a YouTube series, following the adventures of the titular dump truck and his fellow construction vehicle friends. Now, kids ages 3 and up can bring Tonka Chuck home to create all-new adventures.

This interactive toy is similar to the classic Tonka toy trucks in many ways. It has chunky, easy-to-roll wheels and a sturdy plastic trunk on the back that kids can tip back to dump out dirt (either real or imagined!). However, there’s a bit of a twist: Tonka Chuck can talk, and he rolls on his own! Overall, the toy features more than 20 sound and motion combinations. Kids can discover these effects by lifting the dump bed, pushing down on Tonka Chuck’s hard hat, pressing the license plate below his face, or pushing the gas cap button.

You never know quite what Tonka Chuck will do in response! Kids might hear a mechanical sound, see Tonka Chuck’s mouth move while he talks, or see the toy race forward on its own. Not only does this encourage imaginative play, but it will also encourage kids to be more active as they chase after Chuck.

The various sound and motion effects are sure to excite kids who are fascinated by all things construction and trucks, even if they aren’t familiar with Tonka Chuck and Friends. They may even discover their new favorite show after spending some time playing with Tonka Chuck! The sounds aren’t overly loud, which is a plus for the adults in the room. However, kids will need to be close by to hear the sounds, because Tonka Chuck also makes a mechanical noise when his face moves.

If you’d prefer some quiet play time, Tonka Chuck is also full of play potential in “off” mode. In this mode, the toy becomes a more straightforward Tonka toy, which kids can still push forward, fill and dump, and so on. The toy also doesn’t feature any detachable pieces, so it’s ideal for on-the-go play or trips to the park!

Overall, Tonka Chuck is an interesting, engaging take on a beloved toy. This interactive buddy is ready to roll! You can also check out dozens of episodes of Tonka Chuck & Friends now on YouTube!


When kids activate the sensors, this truck's mouth and dump bed move, and they can hear sounds and phrases. Load it up, then press the helmet to watch it roll across the floor.

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