Top Ramen is a classic comfort food shared by sick kids and college students alike. Now, Anirollz is combining it with its iconic plush toys to make plush animal characters with a ramen twist.

There are three Top Ramen Anirollz: the blue Top Ramen Soy Sauce Owlyroll, the red Top Ramen Beef Flavor Bunniroll, and the yellow Top Ramen Chicken Flavor Chickiroll. Each 6-inch plush characters features the animal and a “blanket,” a plush cup that the animal can sit inside! The animals inside the Top Ramen cups include an owl, a bunny, and a chick, while the blankets look just like the iconic Top Ramen soup cups, complete with noodles dribbling out the sides!

The Top Ramen Anirollz are oodles of fun! | Source: Anirollz

Nissin isn’t the first company that Anirollz has collaborated with. Other Anirollz plush collections include ICEE, Crayola, SPAM, Dippin’ Dots, and Hershey! 

Whether ramen noodles are a mealtime staple or the occasional comfort food, the Top Ramen Anirollz are perfect gifts for both little soup-lovers and ironic college students, and everyone in between. They are available for $14.49 each at

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