Everyone’s favorite Toy Story characters are bringing the summer fun to a backyard near you!

With hotter weather approaching, parents will be looking for toys that can get kids outside while still keeping them cool. Disney is delivering on this with some charming inflatable toys, perfect for a water day outside. The Toy Story Summer Splash collection features beloved characters from the iconic Toy Story movies and includes inflatables with games and activities built in to entertain kids for a full day of water-themed fun.

The Toy Story Inflatable Pool provides kids with everything they need to feel like the space-adventuring Buzz Lightyear. The pool comes with an inflatable arch that has targets hanging from it. Kids can blast the targets (or each other) using the included water cannons! Get the inflatable pool at shopDisney. The Forky Inflatable Sprinkler centers the funny little fork introduced in Toy Story 4. Kids will have a blast as soon as Forky is connected to a garden hose, as water sprinkles out of the character’s head and hands. Get the inflatable at shopDisney.

The Toy Story Summer Splash Collection also includes fun inflatable games! The Toy Story Alien Inflatable Bowling Game Set has six inflatable Space Aliens and a 15-inch diameter Pizza Planet ball that kids can use to knock them down with. Get the bowling set at shopDisney. Kids who can’t resist cowgirl Jessie also have the perfect game to play using the Toy Story Inflatable Pool Toss 2-in-1 Game. This set includes six inflatable bags that kids can fill with water, six plastic rings, and five pocket stoppers with animal characters on them. Kids can play ring toss or try to get the bags in the pockets! Get the inflatable game at shopDisney.

These new water toys are sure to delight any kid that is ready to get outside in the summer sun. The collection is available now at the shopDisney website. Whether kids want to go bowling, play a round of ring toss with Jessie, have some fun with Forky, or just relax in the pool after a round of water-blasting, there’s an inflatable pool toy for them!

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