Chick-fil-A’s latest partner for kids meal toys is focusing on diverse fun!

Upbounders is a woman-owned and minority-founded company that makes toys that help kids disconnect from screens and get in touch with playmates! Some of their products include puzzles, board books, card games, and more! 

From now until June 17, Upbounders toys will be available in Chick-fil-A kids’ meals! Kids can find one of five different toys in their meals. While they’re snacking on their chicken nuggets, kids can play with a double-sized, 12-piece puzzle; a carousel-themed memory card game; a puzzle made out of stickers; a poster made out of stickers; or postcards that kids can decorate with stickers of people, props, and more!

Upbounders’ toys feature kids of various skin tones, so every kid feels represented when they’re playing. For example, one of the postcards included in the Chick-fil-A collection features a Black-owned barber shop and people of all colors jamming out in a band together.

If kids can’t get enough of the Upbounders toys at Chick-fil-A, the company is also hosting a giveaway that adults can enter to win a bundle of Upbounders toys! Each bundle features a different theme, including the joyful carousel, the barber shop, and more. To enter the giveaway, head to

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