The full line of Vibe Girls dolls | Source: Jay@Play

What’s your vibe today? Because the Vibe Girls want to know!

The Vibe Girls are a new fashion doll line from Jay@Play, designed for kids ages 6 and up. The dolls are all about using your passions to help others, spreading kindness, and encouraging kids to beYOUtiful. The lineup includes six different Vibe Girls characters, who each have a different “vibe,” which is something that they love and are passionate about.

There’s Sophia (Happy Vibe), Luna (Art Vibe), Mia (Ocean Vibe), Allison (Animal Vibe), Emma (Kindness Vibe), and Jamie (Earth Vibe). Each of the dolls’ outfits, accessories, and backstories are designed to match her vibe. For example, Sophia is dressed in bright yellow, has a smiley-face on her shirt, and carries a smiley-face-shaped purse. And Mia is wearing all blue — complete with a seashell-printed top — and comes with a seashell bag and a sea turtle friend.

Sophia and Emma’s accessories | Source: Jay@Play

However, the positive-vibes aspects of these dolls don’t stop with themed accessories. Each Vibe Girls doll also comes with a color-changing Vibe Ring, a Share Good Vibes Diary, and more than 50 themed stickers. The plastic ring is the perfect size for kids’ fingers and features a heart on the front, which is what changes color to indicate their current “Vibe.” As with most mood-detecting rings, there is an accompanying color chart that shows what each shade means. The options for this ring are all positive emotions, such as amazing, strong, brave, chill, and happy.

A Vibe Girls Good Vibes Diary, Vibe ring, and stickers | Source: Jay@Play

The Good Vibes Diary and accompanying stickers are, in my opinion, one of the Vibe Girls dolls’ best features. The paper diary has about 20 pages that are packed with prompts that encourage kids to think about and express their passions, emotions, and more. Some example prompts include “3 Reasons to Smile Today,” “I am grateful for…” and “My vibe is…” Kids can fill in the pages by writing, using the included stickers, or both — which is a great play pattern for those who are still learning to write!

Styling Emma’s colorful hair with the included brush | Source: Jay@Play

The empowerment theme is certainly a plus for this doll line, especially as it encourages emotional intelligence. On top of that, the Vibe Girls are also very well-made and well-designed fashion dolls. Each 8-inch doll features long, colorful hair that kids will love to braid and style. The hair might get a bit tangled if kids take it out of the style it comes in, but each doll comes with a plastic hairbrush that is surprisingly effective at taming the long locks.

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The dolls are also incredibly articulated, which is another personal favorite feature. Kids can easily reposition the Vibe Girls dolls into endless poses — even their wrists move! To add to the customization options, the Vibe Girls’ fashions are all removable, including their earrings. If kids collect more than one Vibe Girls doll, they can easily mix and match the outfits and accessories to great new looks: These fab friends can share their good vibes and their fabulous fashion sense!

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