The Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog features bright colors and an animated screen. | Source: VTech

To vroom or to roar? That is the question.

Luckily, with VTech’s Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog, kids don’t have to choose between a slashing dragon robot or a zooming racecar because … it’s both! With one touch, this colorful toy transforms from a hot rod into a fire-breathing beast.

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Kids who love cars and mystic animals (I believe this is all kids) will enjoy the fact that this car is both, and younger kids will like that it easily transforms. Unlike other 2-in-1 toys (we won’t roll out names), there aren’t a ton of steps to transform the Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog from the former to the latter. Kids press one button to transform it from muscle car to muscled creature and can change it back in just two easy steps.

The technology behind the toy doesn’t end there, it also features a screen that showcases an animated driver when in road hog mode and a fiery face when it’s a dragon. The driver exclaims that it’s on the move by shouting that no one can catch it. In dragon mode, the fierce beast’s eyes switch from friendly to ferocious when it’s ready for action.

Switch & Go vehicles are the best of both worlds. | Source: VTech

There are currently 12 types of Switch & Go vehicles available, but only the Dragon Roadhog features a bright purple and green design. Each one includes plenty of slashin’ and clashin’ sounds (more than 50 to be specific). Kids can bring all of their roaring, revving creatures to a race and see which one’s the fastest and most powerful!

This toy is recommended for kids ages 4 and up because grade schoolers are the perfect age for the imaginative fun it brings. It has just enough tech to make it inviting for today’s kids, but it also focuses on a classic play pattern and invites kids to get creative and make up new worlds and scenarios for the dragon to crash through or the roadhog to race from.

I won’t go dragon this review out any longer: It’s fun, it’s fierce, and it’s about to be on so many wishlists!

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