It’s unofficially summertime, which means everyone is finalizing their vacation plans, signing up for summer camp, and trying to find ways to find a bit of paradise this season. For kids ages 4 and up, paradise can arrive in a 15-inch-long cardboard box.

Wiltopia: Tropical Jungle is the latest Wiltopia offering from the construction brand Playmobil and includes everything from poseable monkeys to golden coconuts, decorative vines, and figures. The playset also includes image-based instructions that early readers can use to assemble it right out of the box. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s made with 80% sustainable materials.

With this half of the playset, kids can catch fish in the lake or use the target to practice their skills on a bow and arrow. | Source: Playmobil

After snapping everything in place, kids can choose to decorate their jungle however they’d like — using the included flowers, vines, and baby monkeys to really add some zen to their playset. Similar to other Wiltopia sets, it includes tons of story-telling accessories kids can use along with the figures such as toy food items and baby birds. 

Kids can use the other half of the playset to climb up the ladder or roll coconuts down the slide, both halves can be put together to create a larger playset. | Source: Playmobil

There are truly endless ways to play with Wiltopia: Tropical Jungle, from catching the rubber fishes in the pond to shooting an arrow at the target. The playset even includes a collectible card that is full of facts on sloths. Parents can purchase this set alone to keep kids entertained for hours, or they can combine it with other Wiltopia Tropical playsets to create a mini Wiltopia universe!

Getting your preschooler to a tropical paradise this summer might be out-of-bounds, but with this Wiltopia playset, kids can enjoy all the elements of paradise — without a pricey plane ticket.


Discover Wiltopia’s first eco-friendly product consisting of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials. There’s plenty of action for young explorers at the jungle playground. The fruits of the trees can be harvested and rolled down the ball track. Includes a viewing platform, a kid’s swing, a climbing net, a target for archery, and a…

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