The Barbie Dreamhouse at the World of Barbie exhibition | Source: Kilburn Live

This summer, Barbie invites you and your little ones to take a step into her plastic, fantastic, and inspiring world at the immersive World of Barbie attraction! 

Live entertainment producer Kilburn Live is teaming up with Mattel to create an interactive exhibition that magnifies the Barbie universe. Fans will have the opportunity to roam the halls of the Barbie Dreamhouse, climb around Barbie’s Camper Van, use a DJ kit to mix their own music, board a Barbie-themed spacecraft, become a news anchor in front of TV studio backdrops, strike a pose inside oversized Barbie boxes, and perfect their catwalk as they strut down the pink carpet. With a Fashion Studio, a TV Studio, and a Space Center, the exhibit truly has something for every genre of Barbie fan.

Interact with mission control, track objects on the radar, or listen to sounds of space in Barbie’s Space Studio. | Source: Kilburn Live

Fans can look forward to interactive rooms full of Barbie details and plenty of TikTok-worthy photo and video opps. World of Barbie launches this summer in Toronto and from there, will travel to multiple cities across the U.S., including New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles.

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Dreamers of all ages are welcome to explore Barbie’s world of possibilities. The next generation of scientists, designers, and astronauts can sign up for presale tickets now at

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