Having a pet can be lots of fun, but the responsibility of owning one is not. Regardless, kids will still beg time and time again to have an animal companion they can play with forever. Wow! Stuff has just the thing for little ones looking for a special pet to love — the Jurassic World Real FX Baby T. rex!

Kids can control their pet dinosaur with the non-removable ranger glove. | Source: Wow! Stuff

That’s right! Kids can have their very own pet dinosaur that acts just like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Real FX Baby T. rex is an animatronic puppet inspired by the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises. Parents will need a Phillips screwdriver to insert 3 AAA batteries into the glove’s inner compartment to bring their kids’ new dino friend to life.

Kids will wear the Ranger’s faux leather handling glove to interact with their new pets. Young rangers can achieve the perfect fit by adjusting the Velcro straps on the outer and inner layers. While the glove is non-removable, it is comfortable for small hands to hold. 

The T-Rex makes sounds when kids pet its head. | Source: Wow! Stuff

This baby T. rex truly looks like the dinosaurs from the movie! The head, hands, and feet are made of hard plastic, while the body consists of a fabric material. The T. rex is completely lightweight, making it suitable for kids ages 7 and up to carry around on their adventures. 

There are many ways for newfound rangers to play with their dinosaur companions. Once the switch inside the glove is on, kids can experience more than 35 different actions and sounds. The T. rex responds to touch and will make noises after kids pet the head. 

The glove is not only great for handling, but for controlling the puppet, too. Kids can use the two triggers within to make their dinosaurs come to life! The lower trigger causes the T. rex to blink, and the upper trigger opens the dino’s mouth. 

Owning a pet comes with many expenses and even more responsibilities that kids may not be ready to handle. With Wow! Stuff’s Real FX Baby T. rex, kids won’t have to worry about it, and neither will their parents.


Jurassic Park fans can bring this T. rex to life in multiple ways. The movie-scale baby dinosaur features an internal special FX pistol-grip controller mechanism concealed by an authentic Ranger's faux leather handling glove.

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