X-Shot Dino Attack — Dino Strike Double Blaster Set | Source: ZURU/the Toy Insider

If you can believe it, ZURU’s X-Shot blaster line is getting even better this spring with a fun dino-mite twist. The folks at ZURU were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should — and in this case, they were right: They definitely should.

This year, ZURU introduced X-Shot Dino Attack — Dino Striker Double Blaster Set so that kids could — you guessed it — fight off dinosaurs. Not only is the dinosaur theme of these blasters super fun (and super trendy!), but blasters are also a great way for kids to put down the screens, go outside, and get some good old-fashioned playtime in.

ZURU’s X-Shot blasters are always the real deal — and these Dino Striker blasters are no exception. Each blaster features an auto-rotating, six-dart barrel to make sure that kids are ready for whatever comes their way on their prehistoric adventure. Kids can also fight off dinosaurs from up to 90 feet away with incredible accuracy for a toy blaster (trust me, I have terrible aim).

The X-Shot Dino Attack — Dino Strike Double Blaster Set comes with two blasters, six dino egg targets, and 48 foam darts. | Source: ZURU

My favorite thing about the Dino Strike Double Blaster Set: the “Double.” This set comes with two blasters, so kids are ready to battle their friends/siblings/mom/neighbor that was just trying to relax in their backyard/whoever right out of the gate. They can team up with their BFF to blast the included targets — or, if they’re like me, get competitive and come up with their own games.

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Oh, about those targets: They are shaped like Dino eggs for even more prehistoric fun. Kids can join them together, place them down, and blast them away before they hatch. In addition to the blaster and the targets, the set also comes with 48 foam darts, so there’s plenty of playtime packed in before you have to refill.

And while Dr. Alan Grant may not have been able to endorse a theme park island full of prehistoric beauties, I can definitely endorse these X-Shot Dino Attack blasters. Make sure you grab yours before they’re extinct!

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