Summer is far too short, but families can make the most of the weeks ahead with Zuru’s X-Shot Water Fast Fill Skins Hyperload Water Blaster.

While water blasters can be found everywhere you turn in the summer months, tweens want water toys that are TikTok-worthy.

Three designs make the X-Shot Hyperload stand out! | Source: Zuru

Zuru’s Hyperload Water Blaster is unique because there are several skins to choose from, such as Waves, Cruiser, and Blazer styles, so kids know whose is whose when engaged in backyard battles. The vibrant colors make each blaster super playful and visually appealing.

But it’s not just about looks with this water blaster. The fast fill feature makes water wars easier — and more fast-paced — than ever before. Kids can dunk the blaster in water, waits a couple of seconds while it rapidly fills, and then slide the slider closed! Gone are the days of fumbling with a plug to get the water to flow into a small hole slowing down the fun in the process!

The Hyperload’s fast fill technology gets kids back in the game in seconds. | Source: Zuru

When engaging in water blaster play, nothing frustrates kids more than stopping and taking a few minutes to get back in action. (All the while getting water blasted by their opponents.) The Hyperload features a 500 ml water capacity tank, so, even though the refills are fast, kids don’t have to do re-up for water quite as often.

What also makes the Hyperload sit high on the must-have summer list is that it can expel water up to 33 feet, putting a lot of distance between kids and their opponents.

While water blasters are just a fun way to play tag during a backyard barbecue, there are a lot of other fun party games to enjoy using these summer staples, such as the Beach Ball Race. In this game, kids can grab a couple of inflatable beach balls and use the Hyperload to blast the water at the beach ball to make it roll! Whoever gets their ball to the finish line first wins the game.

However your kids (or kids at heart) use a water blaster, one thing is for sure: They bring a lot of summer fun and epic ways to cool off!


With the X-Shot Fast-Fill Hyperload kids can refill their blaster in just 1 second and get back to the water blaster action long before their opponents. Just dunk, fill, and close with rapid sealing technology. It shoots up to 33 feet with its 500ml water capacity tank!

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  • $8
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  • 6+

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