100 Inspiring Young Changemakers tells the story of entertainers, activists, scientists, and other inspiring women. | Source: Rebel Girls/The Toy Insider

Rebel Girls is continuing to tell stories for young girls and women who want to make change in their communities. 

100 Inspiring Young Changemakers is the fifth installment of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series. Each page of the book is filled with images and stories of young women who have made a difference. The book includes entertainers like Billie Eilish, Zendaya, Keke Palmer, and Millie Bobby Brown; activists like Greta Thunberg and Jazz Jennings; as well as athletes, inventors, artists, and more. 

Many of the figures in 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers are household names, but the book will also introduce kids to people making impacts in their own communities, like Celestine Wenardy, a young woman who invented a way to read blood sugar without drawing blood; Fareedah Shaheed, a woman who created her own platform to teach parents about cybersecurity to protect their kids; and Liina Heikkenen, a 15-year-old girl who won the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for her photo of a fox. 

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Each woman’s story features her biography written in fairytale format with a full-page portrait. The authors, editors, and artists that worked on 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers are all under 30 years old, making the book by and for young people. More than 80 female or nonbinary artists contributed their work to the book through portraits of each featured woman. 

Whether kids want to make a difference themselves or just love seeing girls and women like them change the world, 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers is ready to excite and motivate its readers.

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