One of the new series premiering is Eva the Owlet, featuring Eva, an adorable young owl. | Source: Apple TV

Apple TV+ is expanding its offerings for kids’ tv with new episodes of popular animated series for kids to enjoy. The streaming platform will also launch some new series in addition to new episodes, giving families many shows to choose from this winter and spring.

Pinecone and Pony, the series based on The Princess and the Pony children’s book by Kate Beaton, is officially getting its second season. The new episodes will begin their debut on Feb. 3, featuring the young warrior Pinecone and her Pony friend in their continued adventures as they face monsters, the need to be brave, and other challenges they will overcome with their friendship.  

Pony may not be exactly what Pinecone expected, but the two are the best of friends! | Source: Apple TV

For fans of the classics, A Charlie Brown Valentine will begin streaming on Feb. 9. Charlie will try to impress his potential Valentine, Snoopy will write poems, and we’ll all have our hearts warmed by Peanuts shenanigans. In addition, the third Peanuts Anthology will drop on Apple TV+ on May 5.

If Snoopy isn’t enough dog content, Pretzel and the Puppies is also officially getting a second season, premiering on Feb. 24. The long dachshund Pretzel and his five puppies will venture forth to make their bark on the world.

Pretzel is an impressively long dachshund with many adorable puppies. | Source: Apple TV

Stillwater is a set of shorts based on the Scholastic book Zen Shorts by Jon Muth. Three shorts will premiere on Apple TV+ on March 15. They will also be available to watch on Scholastic’s YouTube channel. With a focus on mindfulness, relaxation, and dealing with emotions, these shorts make a lovely lesson for any kid to slow down and take a moment to breathe. If kids can’t get enough with just the shorts, they won’t have long to wait for more: Stillwater season three is premiering on May 19.

Stillwater gives kids a chance to step back and relax. | Source: Apple TV

Eva the Owlet is a new series inspired by the books by Rebecca Elliott. Eva the creative, and somewhat mischievous, young owl lives in the forest of Treetopington, where she will go on all sorts of journeys with her best friend Lucy and other forest animals. The brand-new series will premiere on March 31. 

Sago Mini Friends is getting a special to honor Earth Day on April 14. In the new special, Harvey makes an old lunchbox into a treasure box and teaches his friends something about reusing items in the process. 

The colorful Sago Mini Friends is getting a special all about Earth Day. | Source: Apple TV

Another new series coming to the platform is the bound-to-be-pleasant Frog and Toad, premiering on April 28. The series is based on the popular books by Arnold Lobel and will hopefully feature all the charm of the source material. Though frog and toad are two different people, they are incredibly close friends, and can teach kids about loving what makes you different.

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Finally, Harriet the Spy is getting a second season. It will premiere on May 5, following Harriet Welsh as she goes on her usual spying adventures in pursuit of becoming a writer. This season will showcase Harriet dealing with the troubles of letting go and growing up. Watch it on May 5.

With so many new kids’ programming options for Apple TV+, kids are going to have a year full of entertainment. Whether a kid loves spies, cute animals, learning to relax, or becoming a warrior, there’s a show for them!

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