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Charcuterie gets a sweet twist with ATL Boards’ collection of themed, candy-filled charcuterie boards based on strong, female characters called The Charmsters.

If you’re not familiar with charcuterie boards, it’s a food item that typically refers to a spread of prepared meat products and cold cuts laid out on a flat board for party guests or restaurant-goers to snack on, often accompanied with cheese, crackers, and nuts to create a smorgasbord of appetizers. ATL Boards is an Atlanta-based company that creates custom charcuterie boards full of colorful candy instead of meat.

The brand is launching six new candy-filled boards during Women’s History Month to represent each of The Charmsters — cartoon characters that are rooted in diversityinclusivity, joy, and female empowerment — and the candy is themed to their personalities and interests.

The Architect Aaliyah board features a character who is always two steps ahead and knows how to turn anything into something extraordinary and special. The candy includes peach hearts, orange butterflies, sour gummy bears, green apple legos, fruit-flavored gummy tools, and more.

Blogger Bailey is on the cutting edge of fashion, trends, and hair color. The candy board based on her includes pink sour watermelon pigs, marshmallow unicorns, strawberry banana hearts, sweet cupcakes, sour bursts, and more.

Coder Cora is a pioneer who knows all about coding and finds the sparkle in the details. This candy board includes sweet strawberry gummies, cherry robots, strawberry legos, sugared cherry hearts, lemon lightning bolts, and more.

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Entrepreneur Ella has non-stop energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. The candy on her board includes rainbow sprinkle crunch bears, vanilla ice cream cones, marshmallow pigs, blue raspberry butterflies, sour bears, and more.

Innovator Ivy is a disruptor who shimmers with creativity to turn great ideas into special ones. This candy board includes fruity puzzle pieces, blueberry and green apple gummy LEGOs, experimental gummies with eyes, power sour stars, and more.

Reporter Rita can find a story in any situation and gets joy from solving mysteries. This candy board features all rainbow colors and flavors, including peach hearts, marshmallow unicorns, sour sharks, orange robots, green apple frogs, and more.

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