As kids eagerly await the release of Baby Shark’s Big Movie, Pinkfong and Nickelodeon are teasing all the awesome-ness that is to come with the release of a new music video

“It’s Stariana!” is the first official single from the soundtrack and introduces kids to Stariana, the rising pop starfish played by Ashley Tisdale that is ready to hit the stage, and Lance Bass, the TV host for Tidal Request Live who is played by Lance Bass. 

The music video features Baby Shark dancing along to Stariana’s new music video, which is playing on the TV after Lance Bass introduces the star to all the kids watching. The video is available now on Pinkfong’s YouTube channel and “It’s Stariana!” will hit streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify, starting Oct. 6.

Baby Shark’s Big Movie is set to hit screens on Paramount+ starting this winter. The movie will follow Baby Shark and his family as they take on Chomp City, the big city where every shark wants to be. How many times can kids rewatch this music video before then?

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Ashley Pelletier

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