Kids can make adorable heart cookies in no time! | Source: Baketivity

Baketivity has a whole collection of baking kits to enjoy with the family, and the new Kindness Cookies Kit has everything families needs to make heart-shaped sugar cookies and spark some conversation about the meaning of kindness.

Highlights Magazine and Baketivity teamed up to create this new kit which includes a 24-page Highlights Mini Mag. This miniature magazine is similar to the full-size Highlights magazine, chock-full of activities, art projects, stories, and puzzles. 

Of course, the kit also comes with baking! All a kid needs to get started is the baking kit and a half cup of butter and an egg, or equivalent substitutes. Then they can get to baking with some supervision. The kit comes with pre-measured dry ingredients and a simple color-coded recipe that’s designed with kids in mind. This kit will make 12-15 heart-shaped cookies, glazed and covered in sprinkles. The overall theme of the kit is bringing more kindness to the world, so hopefully kids will share some of the cookies — just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Encourage the little baker in your life with the Baketivity + Highlights Kindness Cookies Kit! The kit is available for sale now and is recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

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