Bakugan fans will soon have another way to geek out over the global Spin Master brand. A new action role-playing video game is launching next week, joining the existing TV series, toys, and trading cards.

Spin Master, Warner Bros. Games, and WayForward released the Nintendo Switch launch trailer for Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia, featuring the signature Bakugan brawls that fans love with an original storyline.

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In the video game, players can befriend powerful Bakugan, go on quests, and customize teams for strategic head-to-head battles. The game takes place in a fully navigable 3D world divided into different districts, each with dedicated battle arenas. Players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the game, and more advanced players can dive deeper into the game’s unique combat system.

The game launches on Nov. 3. Fans can also get their hands on a physical Deluxe Edition pack, featuring the video game, an exclusive Ultima Dragonoid toy that transforms into a Bakugan, an Ultima Dragonoid trading card, an Ultima Dragonoid metal gate card, and two powerful BakuCores.

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