Come on Barbie, let’s go…to the metaverse? 

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite blockbuster blonde is joining ultra-popular gaming platform Roblox for the very first time. Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon will release Oct. 6, and is the result of a partnership between Mattel and Gamefam, a leading metaverse game developer.

A look at Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon | Source: Mattel

BarbieDreamHouse Tycoon players will be able to build their own DreamHouse, customizing up to five floors and 30 rooms including a yoga studio, an office, a recording studio, a vlogger room, and not one, but two walk-in closets! Players will also be able to try different careers on for size, and unlock the wonderful world of Barbie’s wardrobe (those two walk-in closets will certainly come in handy).

Barbie will also be highly customizable, allowing kids to see themselves in Barbie like never before. The game will offer diverse options for Barbie’s appearance, including nine different skin tones, various body types, 15 face and makeup configurations, different hairstyles, and the option to add hearing aids.

Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon will be available through Roblox for free, and will be available on most devices. So although life in plastic may be fantastic, it seems life in pixels is just as dreamy.

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