The Blume family continues to flourish with a fun, new addition as the pointy-haired Blume dolls get their own pets — and their hair is just as outrageous!

Blume Petal Pets from Skyrocket come with collectible animals *and* charm bracelets that kids can magically bloom by adding water to the flowerpot. The flower bulb will pop open to reveal one of 12 charm bracelets, which kids can use in two ways: as a wearable accessory for themselves or as a leash for their pet. After kids bloom the flower portion, they can lift up the soil and flower portion of the flowerpot to unbox the colorful Blume Petal Pet animal.

There are 12 pets in the collection, including puppies, kitties, dragons, lions, elephants, and unicorns. Like the original Blume dolls, the pets also have funky hairdos, which connect them to a magical place within the World of Blume: Sea, Sky, Gem, Sweet, Flower, and Fire. The charm bracelets also feature matching, themed symbols, such as a diamond or flames.

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Each Blume Petal Pet also includes stickers and a collector map, which kids can use to learn more about their pet friend, including which special power it has. This gives the pets a backstory, encouraging kids to use them for imaginative play. The pets also make the perfect companions for any Blume dolls or Blume Baby Pop babies that kids may already have from other Blume collections.

With the original Blume dolls, the doll would burst through the soil after adding water, making the unboxing a one-time event. The difference with Blume Petal Pets is that its flower is rebloomable — kids can relive the unboxing experience by pushing the petals back into a closed position. However, the water-reveal feature only works on the first bloom. If kids want to rebloom it multiple times, they have to press a button rather than watering the flower. Kids might not want to rebloom it too many times once they already know what the surprise inside is, but parents can help them get more play value out of it by hiding other surprises inside or reusing it for siblings.

As many features as they have, it’s hard to believe that Blume Petal Pets are only $7.99 each, so there is a ton of value and surprises packed into each flowerpot.

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