Cartoon Network has a full month’s worth of content sure to get the whole family excited for the holiday season!

Gather around the TV and celebrate the holidays with your favorite Cartoon Network characters. Plus, tune in for a special “Superhero Weekend,” featuring exclusive content from the upcoming blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984You can also get your Bakugan fix with new episodes every Sunday in December at 6:30 a.m. EST.

Check out what to watch on weekends all month long with Cartoon Network’s December line-up below!

Friday, Dec. 4

  • Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas: Relive the story of Buddy the Elf’s adventure to New York with new music and animation.

ThunderCats Roar! | Source: Cartoon Network

Saturday, Dec. 5

  • ThunderCats Roar!: “Mandora Saves Christmas” — Join the ThunderCats as they rescue Santa from Mandora and save Christmas.
  • Total Dramarama: “Me, My Elf, and I” — Journey to the North Pole to help get Duncan’s name off the naughty list.
  • Total Dramarama: “Snow Country for Old Men” — Not all snowmen are as friendly as Frosty. Fight evil snowmen with Chef!
  • Apple & Onion: “Christmas Spirit” — The duo heads to the mall to dress as Santa and scope out the Christmas gifts they want this year.

Saturday, Dec. 12

  • Teen Titans Go!: “The Cast” — Robin is stuck in his room after an accident and has to spy on the rest of the gang to stay in the loop.
  • Total Dramarama: “Jelly Aches” — Gazunga the Jealousy Troll wreaks havoc on the school. 
  • Total Dramarama: “Simply Perfect” — Stressing about school, Courtney orders a Braniac Ray to help her out. 

Apple & Onion | Source: Cartoon Network

Friday, Dec. 18

  • Apple & Onion: “Slobbery” — The duo aims to get rid of Burger’s roommate. 
  • Apple & Onion: “Microwave’s Dance Club” — Apple and Onion need plenty of room to bust a move. 
  • Apple & Onion: “All Work and No Play” — Help Apple and Onion build eye masks because more sleep means more fun!
  • Apple & Onion: “Drone Shoes” — Drone shoes need power and Apple and Onion are determined to find some.

Sunday, Dec 20

  • Teen Titans Go!“Superhero Feud” — Control Freak pits the Titans against the DC Superhero Girls in a battle of the superhero teams. 
  • DC Superhero Girls: “#AwesomeAuntAntiope” — Diana’s aunt Antiope takes the girls of Metropolis out on the town. 
  • Total Dramarama: “Baby Brother Blues” — Beth runs away from home before the arrival of her new baby brother. 
  • Total Dramarama: “Space Codyty” — Izzy convinces herself that Cody is an alien who needs to be returned home. 

Sunday, Dec. 27

  • DC Super Hero Girls: “#FreshPrincessOfRenFaire” — The girls encounter a princess-eating dragon at the Renaissance Fair. 

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For more family fun, Cartoon Network is also airing a new movie every weekend night at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Check out the line-up below.

  • Dec. 5: The LEGO Batman Movie — Batman goes against Joker yet again, but will he succeed this time?
  • Dec. 6:  The LEGO Movie — An ordinary LEGO man gets mistaken for the “Special” and his life changes forever. 
  • Dec. 12: Paddington — A young bear journeys from Peru to England to find a new home. 
  • Dec. 13: Paddington 2 — Paddington attempts to buy a gift for his new family, but encounters a thief along the way who must be stopped. 
  • Dec. 19:  Teen Titans Go! To the Movies — The Teen Titans journey to Hollywood to fulfill their dreams of being big stars, but face a villain along the way. 
  • Dec. 20: Wonder Woman — Diana of the Amazons leaves her home for the first time to help an American pilot fight the war to end all wars. 
  • Dec. 26: Smallfoot — Migo the Yeti encounters a human for the first time and tries to convince his entire village of his discovery. 
  • Dec. 27: Monsters vs. Aliens — After becoming a giant, Susan Murphy joins a league of monsters drafted to save Earth from an extraterrestrial threat. 

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