No, Halloween is not canceled. In fact, we’re hereby extending the holiday to last all October long.

You can celebrate with Cartoon Network’s month-long “Treat-A-Thon,” starting on Monday, Oct. 5. Cartoon lovers can catch Halloween-themed episodes of all of their favorite Cartoon Network series, as well as the movie premiere of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie.

Check out the programming line-up below!

Teen Titans Go!

  • Monday, Oct. 5: “Ghost With the Most” — When the Halloween Spirit is kidnapped, the Titans must team with Beetlejuice to save the holiday.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 6: “Bucket List” — The Titans give Starfire a bucket list of activities to accomplish.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 7: “TV Knight 6” — Batman is forced to go to the department store with Alfred, but runs off to watch TV with Commissioner Gordon.
  • Thursday, Oct. 8: “Kryponite” — When Robin explains that knowing your weakness makes you a better superhero, Starfire journeys to find hers.
  • Friday, Oct. 9: “Thumb War” — As the other Titans engage in an all-out thumb wrestling war, Starfire tries to broker peace.

The Amazing World of Gumball:

  • Monday, Oct. 5: “Gumball Chronicles: The Curse of Elmore” — When Gumball’s schoolfriend Leslie finds an old videotape, the creepy mystery of Elmore’s ghostly past unfolds. Featuring spooky and hilarious clips from the first six seasons of the series.

Victor and Valentino:

    • Monday, Oct. 5: “Escaramuza” — When Valentino’s favorite Escaramuza team loses a member, he convinces Xochi to join the squad. He becomes her coach and will do anything to win the big competition.
    • Monday, Oct. 5: “Los Perdidos” — When Victor joins a group of nighttime skaters called Los Perdidos, Valentino becomes suspicious of Victor’s strange, new, vampire-like behavior.
    • Tuesday, Oct. 6: “Los Pajaros” — When Valentino trades Huitzi’s gifts for one of his own, the birds in town start to turn on him.
    • Wednesday, Oct. 7: “Get Your Sea Legs” — When Victor gets teased for not being able to swim, he befriends a mermaid who offers to help — at a cost.
    • Thursday, Oct. 8: “Guillermo’s Girlfriend” — Victor and Valentino try to cheer up a heartbroken Guillermo by reuniting him with his lost love.
    • Monday, Oct. 12: “Starry Night” — When Victor and Valentino embark on a camping trip in the woods, their friends start to act suspicious and strange.
    • Tuesday, Oct. 13: “Fueygo Fest” — When Victor and Valentino throw the biggest kid bash ever, they realize they aren’t the party planners they thought they were as things start to fall apart.

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  • Wednesday, Oct. 14: “Folk Art Friends” — When Victor and Valentino accidentally release some mischievous alebrije spirits, they must enlist the help of master mischief-maker HueHue to help catch them.
  • Thursday, Oct. 15: “The Cupcake Man” — When Victor’s bad behavior gets out of control, Chata sends him to the one man in town who can set him straight: The Cupcake Man.
  • Monday, Oct. 19: “Villainy In Monte Macabre” — In a crossover episode with the Cartoon Network Latin America series, Villainous, Victor and Valentino team up with Dr. Flug and Demencia to try to find a squid monster who is disguised as a human in Monte Macabre.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: “Charlene Mania” — When Victor attempts to have the perfect day off, the town’s sudden obsession for Charlene gets in his way.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: “Old Man Teo” — When Victor and Valentino are tasked to volunteer at an old folks’ home, Valentino becomes buddies with the oldest, crankiest person in Monte Macabre and helps him reclaim his youthful power.
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: “Poacher Patrol” — When Don bestows Valentino the responsibility of patrolling the lake, Valentino takes it too far and stops who he believes to be a poacher — with disastrous consequences.
  • Monday, Oct. 26: “Lonely Haunts Club 3: La Llorona” — When Valentino sets out to get a little privacy in the woods, Victor is bent on pranking his unsuspecting brother – that is, until Valentino goes missing…
  • Tuesday, Oct. 27: “In Your Own Skin” — When Valentino is mocked for his lack of style, he’s determined to get a designer hoodie to prove he has a sense of fashion, which turns out to be harder than it looks.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 28: “Ghosted” — Victor makes a ghost friend, but when she interferes with his shot at being part of the cool kids’ Tlatchtli team, he must choose between the two.
  • Thursday, Oct. 29: “Carmelita” — Chata loans Xochi a car under the condition that Victor and Valentino can get rides when they need them. However, the car becomes aggressive towards Victor and Valentino and attacks!

Apple & Onion

  • Monday, Oct. 12: “The Eater” — Apple and Onion take on a monster in a parallel universe in order to get back home.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 13: “Apple & Onion’s Booth” — Apple and Onion must save their favorite booth at Pizza’s Diner from a Texas oil tycoon.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 14: “Ferekh” — Apple and Onion have to get Falafel’s beloved rooster back from scientists.
  • Thursday, Oct. 15: “Pat on the Head” — Apple must unhypnotize Onion before they can cook for a very important guest.
  • Friday, Oct. 16: “Falafel’s Glory” — Apple and Onion must win a trivia game to get the world’s largest pizza.

Craig of the Creek

  • Monday, Oct. 19: “Trick or Creek” — It’s Halloween at the Creek, and Craig is on a mission to collect as much candy as humanly possible, but a spooky ghoul from the Creek’s past threatens his haul.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 20: “Fall Anthology” — In an attempt to finish a school project, Craig remembers some of his favorite fall moments.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21: “Afterschool Snackdown” — Craig enters a food competition in the Creek, but worries he may be out of his league.
  • Thursday, Oct. 22: “Creature Feature” — Craig finds himself being chased by a monster in the Creek that’s straight out of the movies!
  • Friday, Oct. 23: “King of Camping” — The Williams family goes camping and Craig helps his dad prove he’s the “King of Camping.”

Total Dramarama

    • Monday, Oct. 26: “Ghoul Spirit” — Gwen rejects the friendship of a friendly ghost.
    • Monday, Oct. 26: “Duncan Carving” — Duncan takes advantage of a questionable Halloween legend to steal candy from his classmates.
    • Tuesday, Oct. 27: “Tu Ba Or Not Tu Ba” — The class tries to help Chef achieve his dream of joining the world’s most famous tuba band, Tubalicious, only to regret it when they realize how much they’ll miss him.
    • Wednesday, Oct. 28: “Dude Where’s Macaw” — While trying to defend his elite gamer status, Chef uses an old cheat code that brings a dangerous avatar to life.
    • Thursday, Oct. 29: “Way Back Wendel” — Courtney must deliberately lose a challenge or let the entire world go back in time. It’s a really hard choice for her.
    • Friday, Oct. 30: “Stingin’ in the Rain” — When Chef gets locked outside in a storm, the kids mistakenly assume he’s a robber and decide to protect the Daycare — by any means necessary.

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Bakugan: Battle Planet

  • Sunday, Oct. 4: “Bakugan Battle League, Tokyo Edition/Battle Royal” — It’s the start of the Bakugan Battle League: Toyko edition! The Awesome Brawlers and their Bakugan battle their way through the challenge and face off against tough competitors.
  • Sunday, Oct. 11: “The Second Stage Begins/Mechanoids Attack!” — With half of the brawlers eliminated, the second stage of the Bakugan Battle league begins. This round will be a timed race to the finish, with all kinds of tricks and traps that will slow down even the best brawlers.
  • Sunday, Oct. 18: “The Other Fight” — Eliminated from the Bakugan Battle League, Ajit is airlifted by drone to a massive cargo ship in the middle of Tokyo Bay. Now that he’s on board the cargo ship, he must rescue Dan and Drago, and stop whoever is sabotaging the Battle League. Dan and Ajit investigate the mysterious cargo ship that the eliminated Brawlers and Bakugan are being held on.
  • Sunday, Oct. 25: “The Bakugan Battle League Dash/The Final Stage” — With Dan and Ajit eliminated from the Bakugan Battle League: Tokyo Edition, the remaining Awesome Brawlers race to complete the second stage of the competition. Just as the final round begins, the competitors are surprised with some unwelcome guests.


    • Sunday, Oct. 4: “The Skull Sorcerer” — Separated from the others, Cole must trust his instincts and make the right choices to find his way to the surface to alert King Vangelis of the dangerous Skull Sorcerer.
    • Sunday, Oct. 4: “The Real Fall” — Cole, Princess Vania, and Master Wu fall down a seemingly endless tunnel, into the bowels of Shintaro Mountain.
    • Sunday, Oct. 11: “Dungeon Party” — Having survived their fall into the mountain, Cole, Wu and Princess Vania befriend a motley group of survivors, called the Lowly, and are told the story of how they too ended up at “Rock-Bottom.”
    • Sunday, Oct. 11: “Dungeon Crawl!” — After joining forces with the Lowly in their quest to defeat King Vangelis, Cole, Wu, and Vania must find a way out of the bottom of the mountain, a place said to be inescapable.
    • Sunday, Oct. 18: “Masters Never Quit” — Pursued by a magma monster, Cole, Princess Vania, Wu, and the Lowly arrive at a mysterious temple deep in Shintaro Mountain, a temple which was once a training ground for Earth Elementals including Cole’s own mother, Lilly!

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  • Sunday, Oct. 18: “Grief Bringer” — Nya and Kai, who have become the respective leaders of the Munce and Geckles, attempt to unite the tribes in an effort to defeat their mutual enemy, the Skull Sorcerer, who schemes against them.
  • Sunday, Oct. 25: “The Darkest Hour” — Forced to flee by the arrival of Grief-Bringer, the ninja, the Munce, and the Geckles take refuge in the Geckle Strong-Cave. But the bitter feud between Munce and Geckles threatens to tear them apart, just when unity is needed most.
  • Sunday, Oct. 25: “The Ascent” — Cole, the Lowly, Princess Vania, and Wu discover that the stone-mech is fueled by Elemental Power. They attach it to the mine-carts in an effort to blast their way out of the mountain to confront the evil Skull Sorcerer!

DC Super Hero Girls

  • Sunday, Oct. 4: “#SchoolGhoul” — When Tatsu Yamashiro asks for help at a haunted all-girls academy, Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers find themselves caught up in something much bigger than a ghost hunt.

Plus, the television premiere of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie is airing on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 10 a.m. ET/PT. The movie follows a blast from Ben’s past that forces Ben to go into space to save the day. Gwen and Grandpa Max team up to help protect the world in Ben’s absence, but when Ben is confused for the villain in space, he must figure out a way to get back to Earth to help save it. The film will also release digitally on Oct. 11 on all major platforms, as well as on DVD Oct. 13 by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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