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Now that another Thanksgiving is in the books, it’s officially time to dive head first into holiday mode — and Cartoon Network is prepared with a month of new episodes, specials, and throwbacks on Cartoonito.

Make sure to switch on your TV starting on Monday, Dec. 5 for themed episodes between 8-11 a.m. ET/PT. The “Christmas Mountain” episode of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go will debut on Dec. 5, to show preschoolers Christmas time in Sodor as all the engines get ready for the holidays. When the Christmas tree can’t get delivered, Bruno teaches Thomas and Percy why traditions are important to him. They get creative to transform Lookout Mountain into a replacement “tree,” and they decorate and celebrate together to keep spirits bright.

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Sesame Street Mecha Builders will debut the “Yip Yip Tree Tree/The Snowman Scarecrow” episode, in which the ornaments on the Pretty Big City tree break. The Mechas must build new ones to save the holidays for their friends. In the second half of the episode, it’s time for Zee and MacBarm’s gift exchange, but Zee’s homemade snowman scarecrow keeps blowing away.

In Bugs Bunny Builders “Looneyburg Lights,” the Looney Builders get ready to host a holiday lights festival in Looneyburg Park when a sudden snowstorm hits.

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In Batwheels’ “Holidays on Ice,” Batwing gets frustrated by the Batwheels’ love for holiday festivities, which is distracting them from Mr. Freeze’s evil Christmas plans. When Batwing decides to work alone, the Batwheels realize that it’s much easier when they work as a team.

In addition these episodes that premiere on Dec. 5, families can also look for holiday-themed episodes of Lellobee City Farm and Blippi Wonders, as well as classic airings of Teen Titans Go! Holiday episodes. The episodes of Sesame Street Mecha BuildersBugs Bunny Builders, Batwheels, and Blippi Wonders will also be available on HBO Max‘s Cartoonito hub.

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A new episode of Teen Titans Go! will also debut on Friday, Dec. 9, called “The Great Holiday Escape,” in which the Teen Titans help Santa Claus escape a tricky situation so that Christmas doesn’t get ruined for everyone.

Fan-favorite Cartoon Network holiday episodes will also air every Friday night from 6-9 p.m. ET/PT starting on Friday, Dec. 9, including episodes from Adventure Time, Apple & Onion, Clarence, Dexter’s Laboratory, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, We Bare Bears, and more.

The holiday celebrations will close out with the “2023 New Year’s Gumball Drop” marathon of The Amazing World of Gumball, with episodes airing on Saturday, Dec. 31.

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