Chase’s Pull Back Racer by Weee Racers | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

PAW Patrol is on a roll — literally!

Jakks Pacific has a new ride-on toy designed for kids ages 1 and up and inspired by the recent PAW Patrol: The Movie. Chase’s Pull Back Racer by Weee Racers is modeled after Chase’s vehicle from the movie, with details down to the stars on the wheels and an image of Chase on the dashboard! However, instead of a windshield and a roof, this kid-sized vehicle features a single seat and handlebars for riders to grip onto.

Designed for some of PAW Patrol’s youngest fans (with a weight limit of 44 pounds) this ride-on is totally kid-powered, but in a fun way. Kids follow three steps to make the racer go forward: Pull Back, Lift Up, and Go! What this means is that kids can use their feet to push themselves back while seated on the racer — The car’s internal spring-loaded mechanism will wind up with each push back. Then, once they feel too much resistance to push back more, kids simply lift their feet, and the racer will go forward. The racer is designed so that kids can put their legs up onto the hood of the vehicle as it zooms forward, which is much easier than having to keep their legs hovering above the ground.

Chase’s Pull Back Racer by Weee Racers | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

Because this ride-on is intentionally designed to be easy for kids to use, kids are not able to control its direction — the wheels do not turn and it only moves in a straight path forward and backward. So, an adult will want to help make sure that kids have plenty of space not only to back up and wind up the racer, but also to go forward. The good news is that the racer can’t go very fast, so even a minor crash won’t be cause for alarm. The racer is also designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so it can come along to a park or safe stretch of sidewalk to give kids a bit more room to ride.

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Being able to ride this racer may be its most central feature, but this toy also comes with light and sound effects! Kids can press a button on the handlebars to see the headlights flash and to hear sounds, including engine revving noises, sirens, barking dogs, and the PAW Patrol theme song. These elements really help kids feel like they are part of the PAW Patrol, ready to help save Adventure City!

This racer will be available soon from Amazon and QVC.

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