Match milk, dark, or white chocolate pieces to create the largest candy bar! | Source: FoxMind/The Toy Insider

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Candy Crush? Chocoly from FoxMind is like a tabletop version of the popular mobile matching game, only players are matching pieces of chocolate to create a jumbo candy bar.

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, the game of logic comes with chocolate tiles with different squares on them to represent milk, dark, and white chocolate, and tokens to represent caramel, cookies, cocoa beans, and almonds. All of the pieces are made entirely of cardboard or paper to keep it eco-friendly. Families can play either one-on-one (with two players) or in teams (with four players). Each player or team takes four tiles, three tokens of the same flavor, and a cocoa bean token, then decides which flavor they want to play as (milk, dark, or white chocolate).

On each turn, players must place one of their tiles on the table, making sure to connect at least one of their chosen flavor pieces on the tile to a chocolate piece that is already on the table, then take a new tile from the deck. The goal is to build out the largest surface area of either milk, dark, or white chocolate to have the largest candy bar on the table. The fact that each tile has multiple flavors on it makes the game more challenging because when one player finds a match, they may also be creating a match for their opponents at the same time.

Players can also use their three flavor tokens (caramel, cookies, and almonds) to stack tiles vertically on top of others to increase their chocolate area or to strategically divide the other teams’ area by disrupting the layer beneath. After a player makes a vertical move like this, they must place their flavor token on top of the tile. Other players cannot stack on top of a tile that already has a flavor token on it.

From the tokens to the gameplay, players will notice the chocolate bar theme throughout the game. | Source: FoxMind

If players find that they don’t have a great set of tiles to match on the table at the start of their turn, they can give up their cocoa bean token to get rid of their entire hand, swapping them out for four entirely new tiles. They can only use the cocoa bean once during the game, so they must make sure to use it wisely in their moment of need! Once the cocoa bean is gone, it’s gone forever.

When players use up all the tiles in the game, it’s time for everyone to count their largest area of chocolate pieces. The team or player with the largest connected chocolate bar laid out on the table is the winner! 

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Chocoly takes about 15 minutes to play, making it a quick game to occupy kids when they are waiting for dinner (or as an after-dinner “dessert”) without dragging on for hours. The game is also visual and intuitive as players match pieces based on the type of chocolate, so it is easy to catch on to the rules without anything getting too complicated. It is also a nice way to get hands-on and take a break from the mobile matching games that everyone is so addicted to, while still exercising logic. 

Chocoly is a treat to play, but don’t blame us if you have a huge chocolate craving after a few rounds!

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