Whichever team flips over all of their character cards first wins! | Source: Big Potato Games

Everybody knows the classic rivalries of our age — cats vs. dogs, hot vs. cold, and so on — but how about Chicken vs. Hot Dog? 

Chicken vs. Hot Dog is a competitive party game from Big Potato Games in which players must choose a side — chicken or hot dog. Meet your mascots: two Sling ‘Ems named Chump the Chicken and Franklin Furter! Each Sling ‘Em has its own bio in the instruction booklet, so players can get well acquainted with their new champions.

Designed for kids ages 10 and up, the aim of the game is simple: Flip your Sling ‘Em and land it right-side up! Players draw a card to determine how many tries they get — they could get three tries, or only one — and what the challenge is. Players might be challenged by the cards to physically flip their chicken or hot dog mascot over their shoulder, with their eyes closed, or under their arms. The Sling ‘Ems have suction cups on the bottom that will stick to the table or floor when they land. There are also blank cards that players can use to devise their own wacky challenges for the other team. 

Whichever team wagers the most takes the challenge. | Source: Big Potato Games

To figure out who must complete which challenge and how many tries they get to do it, teams have to use wager cards. Whichever team has the higher number on their wager card wins the bet and has to take the challenge. If both teams bet the same number, then whichever team’s players get two flips in a row wins and takes on the challenge. With each challenge completed, the team can flip over one of their six character cards. Each card contains a different piece of the mascot, and the first team to flip all of their character cards to piece together a hot dog or a chicken wins! 

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If the traditional Chicken vs. Hot Dog game isn’t enough for players, there is another way to play using the same flying characters. This bonus game is called Duelling Sling ‘Ems.  Players must stand 6-8 feet apart and try to flip their Sling ‘Em to land in front of the other player. If one player lands their shot, they get a point. If both or neither players land their shot, nobody gets a point. Whoever hits three points first wins the game.

The Sling ‘Ems are easy to handle and play with. They also are incredibly silly looking, adding to the zany game atmosphere that playing Chicken vs. Hot Dog creates. However, they can leave colored marks on things they hit when flipped, so steer clear of white walls. 

Chicken vs. Hot Dog is a zany game to add to your game night repertoire! | Source: Big Potato Games

Chicken vs. Hot Dog is full of ridiculousness in the best way. Throwing around a chicken and a hot dog with suction cups on the bottom is already funny, but the competition as players race to be the first to complete the challenges adds a tension that amplifies the giggles. Chicken vs. Hot Dog is a great option for slumber party games or game nights in general. It’s a particularly good palate cleanser to go in between more stressful or tense games. 

No matter what, once Chicken vs. Hot Dog joins your game collection, game nights will *never* be the same.

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