The dolls come with accessories that they can gift each other for Valentine’s Day. | Source: Mattel

These two Monster High monsters are looking ready for the spookiest of dates!

Royal mummy Cleo and gorgon Deuce are very different people, but together make an adorable monster couple. In this new set featuring both characters, the two are dressed for a date. Cleo’s dress is decorated with a repeating mummy pattern and hearts, and her heart-shaped purse completes the look. Deuce has a green snake-print jacket and sunglasses (to keep him from turning anyone to stone!).

Both dolls also come with special Valentine’s accessory gifts to give one another. There’s a spiderweb heart balloon, some delightfully spooky chocolate, and a rose so their night out is guaranteed to be romantic.

Mattel’s Monster High fashion dolls are an incredibly popular brand. It even just recently had a Nickelodeon TV series and a live-action film that both premiered last October. The characters are all based on monsters from movies and myths, with teens like Dracula’s daughter attending high school.

Cleo is the daughter of the fictional pharaoh Ramses de Nile and Deuce is the son of Medusa the Gorgon. Though Deuce is more relaxed and Cleo is a bit more of a pampered princess, the two come together to make a perfect pair in this doll set!

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The new Monster High Cleo and Deuce Howliday Love Edition 2 Pack is available today, starting at 12 p.m. ET on Mattel Creations. Keep an eye on the launch page to grab these ghouls!

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