The CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket teaches kids numbers, colors, and more! | Source: Just Play

JJ from CoComelon needs help grocery shopping. Are kids up to the task? 

The CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket by Just Play teaches kids about colors, numbers, and more using play fruits and vegetables! Designed for toddlers ages 18 months and up, this toy looks just like a handheld basket from a grocery store with a checkout line experience. There are three main pieces to the set: the basket itself, which can hold everything while kids aren’t playing with the toy; the fruits and vegetables; and the interactive scanner. 

The CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket helps kids develop motor skills. | Source: Just Play

The interactive scanner has great features for helping kids learn some of the basics. It has four modes that kids can use when they place a different fruit or vegetable on the scanner. Number mode helps kids count how many pieces each piece of produce has. For example, there are six peas in the pods and four carrots in the bunch. Color mode explains what color each fruit and vegetable is. Fun facts mode shares interesting facts about each one, like how blueberries can give kids a strong brain and how broccoli is very healthy. Finally, a big yellow music note button activates the “Yes, Yes, Vegetables!” song from the CoComelon show.

While real food doesn’t work with the checkout feature, kids can scan anything with the handheld scanner, which makes scanning noises or compliments kids’ choices in food. 


The CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket playset is great for giving kids a foundation in early learning. It also helps kids develop motor skills when they place the fruits and vegetables onto the scanner, scan them with the handheld device, and put them through the blue hatch and into the basket. 

After a few hours of playing with the CoComelon Veggie Fun Learning Basket, kids will be ready to help with the grocery shopping in real life, not just pretend.

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