The new Cookie Run: Kingdom update features tons of new fun for players. | Source: Devsisters

In January 2021, the international gaming company Devsisters launched Cookie Run: Kingdom, a mobile RPG in which kids can play through more than 250 story levels and build the sweetest base while fighting in battles and discovering secrets. Now, Devsisters is dropping an anniversary update full of new stuff for players to celebrate with. 

The “Invitation from the Slumbering Moon” update features a new episode, two new cookies, new events, new features, customizations, the game’s first concert, and more. 

In the new episode “Dream Express,” GingerBrave and his friends journey to the mythical City of Wizards. The two new cookies — Moonlight Cookie and Milky Way Cookie —  are adorable additions to players’ bands of friends. Moonlight Cookie’s skill, “Dream of the Night Sky,” drops stars on opponents’ heads to cause damage and put opponents to sleep, boosting Moonlight’s HP. She also boosts her own HP when awakening from sleep effects from enemies. Milky Way Cookie is the conductor of the Dream Express and an epic charger cookie. Using her skill “Sugarcloud Express,” Milky Way jumps onto her train, reducing damage, resisting stun, and shielding the whole team. 

Players can put their new cookies to the test in Woof! Cake Hound Frenzy, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest event. In the event, players can battle Cake Hounds in 30-second battles that can earn them Cake Crumbs or Glowing Cake Crumbs. Players can exchange crumbs for useful items in their kingdoms.

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Some of the new features in the “Invitation from the Slumbering Moon” include Kingdom Prosperity, the ability to see an overview of kingdom details, including the Cookie Castle level, the number of landmarks, and the number of Sugar Gnome Laboratory research projects; new customizations for Fountain of Abundance, Arena Statue, and Kingdom backgrounds; five special toppings for select cookies that will give new effects when equipped; and the opportunity to meet the Ancient Cookie through new missions and stages.

To check out everything this new Cookie Run: Kingdom update has to offer, download the game in your app store today!

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