Adventurous young cookies can get kraken with the Season 8 update of Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, The Living Deep Sea City. The mobile game from Devsisters features fin-tastic updates, including new collectibles, game modes, and events.

The new main episode of the breakout mode, Deep Sea City Wandercrab, features Lobster Cookie and Mocha Ray Cookie on a quest to revive the fallen Sugarteara. The cookies navigate through obstacle-filled seas and head toward the deep sea city of Wandercrab. There is also a new breakout mode in which players can run with up to 20 cookies. Since the number of runners has now doubled, players can mix and match various cookie and pet combinations to create the best roster suitable for maximum speed.

The update comes with a new cookie: the Electric Eel Cookie, the watchman and guardian of Wandercrab. Not only does he drive away sea monsters and enemies, but he also powers the lights for the city by eating large amounts of Electric Energy. A new pet is also joining the crew. Bolt Eel is a shocking companion attracted by the strong current of the Electric Eel Cookie. Bolt Eel not only shoots electric energy at obstacles and destroys them, but it can cause a chain reaction to other obstacles and destroy them as well.

The latest Cookie Run update offers other rewards, including new costumes for Mocha Ray Cookie and Electric Eel Cookie, as well as pet costumes for Bolt Eel and Mini Orange Mouse. Lastly, the new season comes with two new event modes: Living Deep Sea City and Infinite Chest Event. In Living Deep Sea City, players can earn Deep Sea Tokens at each stage that they can use for rewards, such as Legendary Cookies’ Magic Ingredients. For those who wish to explore the deepest depths of the sea, players can unlock a hard mode after reaching a certain rank to earn even more plunder. Players can earn infinite chests through a special check-in calendar and other events. When a Cookie unlocks the Infinite Chest, players can find items such as cookies, pets, treasures, cookie costumes, and coins.

This latest update is out now and ready for kids to play. The Cookie Run: Ovenbreak game is available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play shop, and the Galaxy store.

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Maggie Dougherty

Maggie Dougherty

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