Crash Team Rumble comes out next year. | Source: Activision

Crash Bandicoot is ready to rumble!

Next year, Activision is dropping Crash Team Rumble, an online multiplayer game featuring Crash, Dingodile, and other heroes and villains from the Crash Bandicoot universe. Each character has unique powers and their own play style to bring to their team as they brawl across new arena maps. 

In Crash Team Rumble, players must break up into teams of four to face off with another team. During the match, players have to collect as much Wumpa fruit in their drop zone as possible while also keeping the other team from getting their own. When teams combine strategy and ferocity, they will surely blow the other team out of the water!

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Whether gamers have been playing Crash Bandicoot for years or are just picking up a controller for the first time, Crash Team Rumble will give everyone the chance to win while kicking some butt! The game will launch next year for Playstations 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and Series S. Check out the trailer below!

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