A before and after shot of Cutie Cuts | Source: Moose Toys/the Toy Insider

When I was asked as a kid what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, my answer was always the same: a puppy. Some years, as a way to meet me (sort of) halfway, my family would respond by gifting me a plain plush pup. I’m grateful (and still have some), but what those toys failed to capture was the love you put into a pet and the satisfaction you get from making their lives a little better. Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts fixes this problem because it gives kids a way to care for their pet and show their love by grooming it into the pup it should truly be.

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts is the newest product in the Scruff-A-Luvs line of plush pets from Moose Toys that kids can wash and rescue. These pups might just be the best yet, as kids can really “shave” them, wash them, and they come with plenty of surprises — 10 to be exact!

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The play experience starts as soon as kids open the package because they’ll immediately see salon-style packaging and a furry mess inside of a rescue carrier. Once they open up the salon and they’re ready to pamper their new pooch.

The first step: Reveal which pup you rescued by shaving all its fur! It’s either a Frenchie or Yorkie.

A realistic set of clippers is included with every Cutie Cuts to remove the crazy curls of the pup. Shaving the plush looks and feels real, but parents can feel safe knowing that the clippers aren’t actually able to cut anything (they just vibrate and comb).

If you’re a pet owner, you’re no stranger to fur being everywhere. Luckily, this fur has somewhere to go besides just the trash can or onto your favorite clothes. There’s an empty cushion included in the package that kids can fill up with the fur to give their pampered pooch a nice place to sit.

The clippers, fur, and cushion cover that come with Cutie Cuts | Source: the Toy Insider

Before the dog can sit down, it’s time for a bath! This is much easier than washing a real dog and involves way less water all over your bathroom. Simply use a little bit of kid-friendly soap, shampoo, or body wash and some warm water to rinse the Cutie Cuts. Next, kids dry the diva with either a hairdryer (with parents nearby) on a low setting or a towel. I personally liked using the towel because I was able to smooth my pooch’s hair down as I dried it.

Cutie Cuts from beginning to end | Source: Moose Toys

Finally, it’s time to open up the surprises! Kids can reveal each of the accessories hidden inside the salon to complete their next groomer task. They can use the comb to add flair and fluff before adding a bit of “nail polish” for a great paw-ticure. Fill the nail polish container with icy cold water and then brush that onto the pup’s toes to reveal their new nail color. Eventually, the color fades and kids can paint the nails again!

Once the pup is truly pampered it’s time to accessorize. Their style is either ballerina or candy-themed and the accessories will reveal which it is. Kids can place the bows, collar, and more to really bring out the pup’s style.

Just like that, a pup that was once matted and messy is glamorous and groomed. Kids can take pride knowing that they’re the ones who gave them the love they deserved. There’s nothing more fur-bulous than that!

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