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We’ve already talked about the line of dolls from Jakks Pacific with outfits based on Disney Princesses, but those stylish ‘fits were doll-size only at the time. Now, kids can match the clothing that their fashion dolls wear with outfits of their own inspired by the same Disney Princesses. 

Jakks Pacific‘s Disney ily 4EVER dolls come with outfits and accessories inspired by classic princesses such as Jasmine, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, and Ariel, all with modernized fits and Mickey Ear headbands that mean they’re ready for a trip to Disney. The clothing and accessory items in this kids’ apparel collection feature pieces taken directly from the doll outfits, so any Disney trip can be perfectly princess. 

The Denim Jacket Inspired by Belle features the iconic rose of Beauty and the Beast. Kids can pair it with the Crossbody Bag to have a full Belle ensemble. They’ll just need to find a magical rose and the look will be complete!

Kids can also wear looks inspired by Jasmine from Aladdin. The Shirt Set features her beloved tiger, Rajah, as well as a silhouette design of the palace she lives in. The Hair Accessories Set will have kids feeling like the princess of Agrabah, with a headband, a scrunchie, and a bow. 

Snow White, one of the original Disney Princesses, also gets her moment to shine. The Dress Inspired by Snow White features an apple design, while the backpack also features apples, including a special poison apple zipper.

Cinderella has a Top and Legging Set with a stylish letter “C” and a glass slipper motif, along with a matching duffle bag. Combine the two and any kid will be ready for a princess sleepover. Maybe there will even be a ball!

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Tiana is bringing her hardworking to modern clothing with the Top and Skirt Set inspired by Tiana. This Princess and the Frog-inspired outfit features a lily pad design. The Youth Bracelet Set encourages kids to follow their dreams just like Tiana, with purple and green bracelets and phrases such as “with on that star.”

Finally, little princesses can become a part of the human world with a couple of pieces inspired by The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. The Dress Inspired by Ariel features a sparkling blue and purple design with a shell and bubbles. With Ariel Hair Accessories, any kid will want to stay under the sea.

The Disney ily 4EVER clothes are sure to be fun for any kid that loves Disney Princesses, or any kid that’s just a little bit jealous of how stylish some fashion dolls get to be. The new collection is available now at the shopDisney store.

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