Kids can play as their favorite D&D characters with the Teaching Kits. | Source: Dungeons & Dragons

Hasbro’s Wizards of the Coast is bringing Dungeons & Dragons, a popular multiplayer fantasy game, to the classroom with D&D-themed teaching materials and starter sets to encourage higher engagement among students.

The kits are geared toward kids in grades four through eight, and provide students with the opportunity to enhance their problem-solving and teamwork skills. Afterschool Kits — which are offered to schools, community centers, and libraries — can also help kids get involved in D&D clubs after school to further inspire them to explore their interests and collaborate with peers and friends while having fun. 

The D&D Starter Set | Source: Wizards of the Coast

While playing D&D, kids can take on different roles in the game and work together as a team to accomplish a certain goal, such as defeating a villain or discovering treasure. Teachers and students do not need prior experience or knowledge of D&D: The kits offer everything they need to know to incorporate it into their lesson plans! 

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The starter set “Dragons of Stormwreck Isle” is available exclusively at Target in North America for $19.99, and will become available to purchase in more countries on Oct. 4. Find more information about teaching kits here. Learn more about how to play D&D here. Webinars with the International Literacy Association are also available to discuss how educators can use the game to enhance learning and collaboration in the classroom.

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